Human beings have ten fingers-if you count thumbs as fingers-and ten toes. Unless you count your toes as fingers in which case you have twenty fingers (nineteen if you were born without thumbs).

Imagine the impact on our world-view had we been born with twelve toes. Imagine counting to ten, but it's not ten, it's twelve. It's not twelve though, because twelve is ten plus two. This new number could be called quirch (I'm just throwing that out there) and it would be treated exactly the same way that we currently treat the number ten. We would count in multiples of quirch, a quircholitre would be quirch litres, and an express lunch at your favourite resaurant would be ready in less than quirch minutes (or your next one's free).

The number ten has been the man for so long that our minds are ill-equipped to handle the transition to quirch. Currently, quirch multiplied by quirch is 144. But in the world of quirch, 144 would be 100 and the missing 44 numbers would occur somewhere between one and 100. Something still seems off...

Disclaimer: The number quirch is in no way related to Quirch Foods

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